Lemon and thyme shrimp risotto

This happens to be one of my go-to recipes when I found myself wanting an easy comfort meal. Fresh, creamy, sweet and salty it hits all those spots for a perfectly balanced dish for all. Ingredients (Serves 3) 2 twigs of thyme 2 tbs Butter Half an onion 1 tbs Garlic Shrimp (18 pieces) LemonContinue reading “Lemon and thyme shrimp risotto”

Cheese and Onion Sandwich – very British classic

Food. Comforting, exciting, familiar, and new. Also easily one of my favorite things to talk about and make. For me, there is nothing like a good sandwich. I always had a packed school lunch from the age of 6 growing up and would make my lunch all on my own. I loved choosing what wentContinue reading “Cheese and Onion Sandwich – very British classic”