Lemon and thyme shrimp risotto

This happens to be one of my go-to recipes when I found myself wanting an easy comfort meal. Fresh, creamy, sweet and salty it hits all those spots for a perfectly balanced dish for all. Ingredients (Serves 3) 2 twigs of thyme 2 tbs Butter Half an onion 1 tbs Garlic Shrimp (18 pieces) LemonContinue reading “Lemon and thyme shrimp risotto”


One of the steps I’m taking to be a better me this year is to try and experiment with new dishes and recipes. This was one was surprisingly easy and very delicious. Ingredients Tofu Coconut oil (oil of your choice) Thai green paste Coconut milk Salt and pepper Lemon Spinach Mushrooms Garlic chopped Spring onionContinue reading “TASTY TOFU THAI GREEN CURRY”

Vegan Ginger cupcakes

My latest food obsession has been Ginger. And honestly there is nothing quite better; fiery, sweet and packed with great benefits for your mind and body so I decided to make these cupcakes for a friend to make her feel better and she loved them. Fluffy and delicious, these are easy and vegan. INGREDIENTS 125Continue reading “Vegan Ginger cupcakes”

Cheese and Onion Sandwich – very British classic

Food. Comforting, exciting, familiar, and new. Also easily one of my favorite things to talk about and make. For me, there is nothing like a good sandwich. I always had a packed school lunch from the age of 6 growing up and would make my lunch all on my own. I loved choosing what wentContinue reading “Cheese and Onion Sandwich – very British classic”