7 things you didn’t know about Bermuda

How much do you know about Bermuda? Often the first thing that people think of when you say the word Bermuda is “the triangle”. But would you be surprised to hear that the triangle is nothing short of a conspiracy? Before I moved the island I couldn’t even point it out on the map. SoContinue reading “7 things you didn’t know about Bermuda”

Why I love to travel

Moving to new country and not being allowed to work due to my current visa situation has given me a lot of time for reflection. And I mean a lot of time. And I’ll be honest, I have been struggling with all this free time that I have. It’s been hard to see it notContinue reading “Why I love to travel”

Dating and Mental Health

Mental health can be tricky when it comes to all aspects of your life especially relationships.  It is very important for a healthy relationship (and more importantly a healthy you) that you set out good foundations. It’s not uncommon to unleash all your frustrations onto your partner which can often leave someone feeling hurt andContinue reading “Dating and Mental Health”

I spent 2 days in a treehouse and now I want to move.

The days after Christmas and before New Year’s always feel like you are in a weird abyss of festive fun, food, and long nights. This year we decided to spend these weird days out of the great county of Cornwall. Kudvha (which is Cornish for hideout), was the perfect place to do so. A setContinue reading “I spent 2 days in a treehouse and now I want to move.”

It’s scary out there… The unnerving truth about adventures

So here’s my confession dear internet. I stand before you a people-pleasing perfectionist. I am insecure and compare myself and my life daily to anything and everything I see. I’m a tad bit dramatic at times and am an expert at being my own worst bully. Now if you were speaking to Elizabeth from lastContinue reading “It’s scary out there… The unnerving truth about adventures”

And so the adventure begins…

Navigating through my twenty-somethings has been challenging to say the least. The last few years have felt more like a rollercoaster than my raging hormone teenage years ever did. And now I find myself 24 with a new thirst for life and an immense desire to explore the earth and its beauty. One thing thatContinue reading “And so the adventure begins…”