15 Tips for a Summer of Joy

1. Wear sunscreen, and reapply. And don’t forget about it on cloudy days. Everyone needs sunscreen. Everyone! 2. Wear that swimsuit – you look cute and no one cares. The beach is for all bodies. 3. The best plans are plans not made. 4. Drink water, lots and lots of water. 5. Take vitamins. 6.Continue reading “15 Tips for a Summer of Joy”

Reflections after Roe vs Wade

I’m addicted to the news. I have cemented it into my morning ritual. Often it’s the first thing I do. For some strange reason, it gives me a sense of control. I like to be informed because if I am armed with the headlines, one will know what I am up against and what theContinue reading “Reflections after Roe vs Wade”

7 things you didn’t know about Bermuda

How much do you know about Bermuda? Often the first thing that people think of when you say the word Bermuda is “the triangle”. But would you be surprised to hear that the triangle is nothing short of a conspiracy? Before I moved the island I couldn’t even point it out on the map. SoContinue reading “7 things you didn’t know about Bermuda”

The unfortunate case of the blogger who never blogs

Procrastination and pursuit of perfection have unfortunately become the two mainframes I find myself in these past few months. In my personal life, I seem to be thriving, enjoying each day as it comes. Making great memories with friends. Expanding my horizons and constantly gaining new skills. I’ve felt the best I have this year.Continue reading “The unfortunate case of the blogger who never blogs”

Black Pete – Blackface alive and well

For the last couple of years back I had the maxing opportunity to study in the beautiful country of the Netherlands. Whilst I ended up not finishing my studies and coming back home after I year, I can honestly say that I loved it. The people, the culture and the architecture it is all so amazingContinue reading “Black Pete – Blackface alive and well”

Why I love to travel

Moving to new country and not being allowed to work due to my current visa situation has given me a lot of time for reflection. And I mean a lot of time. And I’ll be honest, I have been struggling with all this free time that I have. It’s been hard to see it notContinue reading “Why I love to travel”

Figuring out the Art of living my best life

A great by-product of being someone that overthinks it is that you’re always in constant self-reflection of your life and how others may perceive you. This year I can honestly say this was one of the biggest years of my life with so much change. I lost a grandparent and my feline bestie. Quit oneContinue reading “Figuring out the Art of living my best life”

Lemon and thyme shrimp risotto

This happens to be one of my go-to recipes when I found myself wanting an easy comfort meal. Fresh, creamy, sweet and salty it hits all those spots for a perfectly balanced dish for all. Ingredients (Serves 3) 2 twigs of thyme 2 tbs Butter Half an onion 1 tbs Garlic Shrimp (18 pieces) LemonContinue reading “Lemon and thyme shrimp risotto”


One of the steps I’m taking to be a better me this year is to try and experiment with new dishes and recipes. This was one was surprisingly easy and very delicious. Ingredients Tofu Coconut oil (oil of your choice) Thai green paste Coconut milk Salt and pepper Lemon Spinach Mushrooms Garlic chopped Spring onionContinue reading “TASTY TOFU THAI GREEN CURRY”