The unfortunate case of the blogger who never blogs

Procrastination and pursuit of perfection have unfortunately become the two mainframes I find myself in these past few months.

In my personal life, I seem to be thriving, enjoying each day as it comes. Making great memories with friends. Expanding my horizons and constantly gaining new skills. I’ve felt the best I have this year. So why is my writing failing and where has all the creative mojo going.

I’ve always struggled to call Myself a writer and have always found any written piece I’ve done as a labour of love and expressions of myself. I’ve blogged for almost 10 years now on and off and over two sites ( my old site Lizabettyfiz) and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and regularly look back at the pieces I’ve written. I can’t help thinking that I have never really gave this blogging stuff my all.

I can easily spend months at a time never even clicking on my site, and I often find myself creatively blocked. I’ve never grasped the concept of overcoming writer’s block. However, In the past, I could reconsider the pattern of unhappiness equates to unhappy writers. Simply improving my life made me happier to write.

But now it seems that even with happiness I still have lacked the motivation to just write.

Like anything worth some importance, sometimes we just have to push through and get over the hurdles. Maybe I’m a little bit lazy. Maybe each doesn’t need to be inspiring but just said. I’ve always loved writing and this blog has a very special place in my heart. Love takes work and so do blogs. And I think it is about time I started getting back to my long lost passion. So consider this a sort of unspoken promise I make to you readers and this blog. I’m back and I’m ready to write. It q

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