Figuring out the Art of living my best life

A great by-product of being someone that overthinks it is that you’re always in constant self-reflection of your life and how others may perceive you. This year

I can honestly say this was one of the biggest years of my life with so much change. I lost a grandparent and my feline bestie. Quit one of the best jobs I ever had and moved to the middle of the Atlantic. Became a whole wife and gained resilience I didn’t know I had. I rekindled my love of blogging, food, and crafts. In addition to conquering my fears of open water and fast motorcycles.

The best thing I could have done for myself hands down and the most important thing I have learned so far this year was to release the burden of not achieving everything.

Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes that feeling in the moment is more important than ticking the next thing off the to-do list. And the greatest gem of it was that I have been able to enjoy myself. I have had some of the best experiences of my life so far. I have challenged myself further than I thought I could ever go. I look in the mirror and do not recognize the same girl I see. I see a stronger, more self-assured, happier, and healthier girl. The girl I’ve kinda dreamed of being and one that would make my younger self very proud to be.

So I’ve figured out the art of living my best life and it involves simply living my life in the way that best suits me and not in the shadows of others’ expectations. It’s not living life according to the goals and achievements but to what sets my heart free and my soul joyful.

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