When friendships end

Disclaimer- A throwback piece from my old blog lizabettyfiz that I found whilst doing a clean-up of my old site. I found it just relevant today so decided to repost it.

When you are young and in school, you picture your adult life planning out in a certain fashion. You have no idea or experience to draw from to know that things rarely go the way you intend. I was going to be driving and have a car by 17. Graduated by 21 from some prestigious university abroad. Working for the United Nations and living in my fancy apartments, rich with no debt.

Yet here I am 4 months away from turning 22, still learning to drive. In the second year of my studies whilst teaching children in the meantime. The interesting thing is that I’m okay with that. More than okay with that. No, my life is not where I thought it would be my paper but I’m happy and fulfilled. I’ve learned so much and been allowed to make great memories.

Thing one thing I never considered changing was my friends. Don’t get me wrong I knew I was going to lose contact with lots of my school friends and make tons more. However, my strong core of girlfriends I never saw leaving my side. They were going to be bridesmaids at my future wedding and my children were going to call them aunties. Our sister bond was never going to be broken.

Then one day it did. And it hurt. After over 7 years of friendship, we found ourselves agreeing that we have come to the end of our friendship road. It was a mutual decision and amicable, many, mistakes were way on my part and there’s no hard feelings.

But it taught me a very important lesson. Bonds we make in this lifetime are sacred. I believe that we make them at the right time in our lives and that some do come with expiry dates. They teach us a lot about ourselves and how we act, think, and feel. They bring out our highlights and lowlights and sometimes downright ugly behavior. We must don “t take them for granted. They need to be nurtured with input coming from both sides. Friendships are often an example of our character though they do not define us. Moreover, the mistake we make in them does not define us. We learn and grow. The better we become in ourselves the more we can have to offer.

So I lost a few of my best friends and will greatly miss our times together. I love them deeply and am so thankful for all the times and fond memories I have to share. I learned when friendships end life finds a way to connect you to new bonds. It shows you who will be in your life a reason, season, or a lifetime.

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