I spent 2 days in a treehouse and now I want to move.

The days after Christmas and before New Year’s always feel like you are in a weird abyss of festive fun, food, and long nights. This year we decided to spend these weird days out of the great county of Cornwall.

Kudvha (which is Cornish for hideout), was the perfect place to do so. A set of beautifully designed treehouses complete with a separated reading and sleeping area. A very zen lounge area complete with the biggest selection of rose quartz crystals I have ever seen. Flushing toilets, campfires an outdoor bar, and a hot tub. All this ensures that you are never at a stump of what to do next.

And if you ever are head to the town, just a five-minute drive away and home to two plucked from a postcard quintessentially British pubs. The Millhouse a small but welcoming, whose staff are warm and friendly. The food was delicious and at a great price too ( well compared to London prices). And The Port William a pub with some of the most beautiful views ever even on a miserable day.

The peace and the best smelling air I have ever smelt all got me thinking. London will cover be my home and the place I was born and raised. But the fast pace energy of London can be so draining. And all though I was excited to get back to my life I couldn’t help thinking that I desire this peace in my day-to-day life. It’s not often that I spend days without scrolling through Instagram on my phone and just peer into a sunset. Spiritually it just felt simply good.

Although it definitely may have to be somewhere warm as I don’t do well in the cold. The thought of living somewhere off-grid for a few years feels more appealing to me day by day. Whilst I will not omit that this requires a lot of planning and some serious consideration. Ask me this a year ago and it would be a flat-out no. so I find myself in this unique peace and fear that I truly have the power to change my life in any way I see fit. Being such a control freak and an avid worrier has meant I do spend much of my time thinking about all the things I can’t control. All I needed was 3 days with my thoughts to awaken to the truth that I have much more power than I think.

Maybe I could take the city out of this girl.

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