Cheese and Onion Sandwich – very British classic

Food. Comforting, exciting, familiar, and new. Also easily one of my favorite things to talk about and make. For me, there is nothing like a good sandwich. I always had a packed school lunch from the age of 6 growing up and would make my lunch all on my own. I loved choosing what went into my pink Paul Frank lunch each day and took real pride in it too.

As a creature of comfort, there were two particular sandwiches I would tend to pack a ham (with lots of butter) sandwich and a cheese and onion sandwich. Your adverse supermarket back in The U.K. caters to any sandwiching filler you can think of. In Bermuda not so much. So when I found myself on a dreary Sunday craving something for lunch, the idea that I can just make my own from scratch popped into my head.

Happily to my surprise, a good chess and onion filling is surprisingly easy to make so here is mine.


(Perfect for two)



Mayo (1 tbsp)

Cheese shredded (mild cheddar is my ultimate choice) (handful)

Onion (1/8)

Sour creme (optional)

Lettuce (washed and dried)

You could also easily replace the butter, mayo, and cheese with vegan alternatives.

The How To

Start by finely chopping the onions. Best to chop them up as small as possible. Add to a bowl along with the Mayo, cheese, sour creme, and mix well.

Butter your bread this will stop the mayo from making the bread too soggy. Place your washed lettuce on one piece of bread and spread your filling.

And enjoy this very British classic.

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