12 Carry-on Essentials for traveling in style

Now we all that packing for anything can be a but if nightmare. But often we just have time to prepare our suitcases for the holiday and the hourly outfit changes we all have on holiday.

One thing that shouldn’t go amiss is an apt carry-on. Having a well-organized carry-on is always a must for me and makes any flight short of small so much manageable. So here is my list of essentials that I always I have.

1) Airline approved carry one

This is one may seem like an obvious point but you would be surprised to see how many people get caught out on airline guidelines. Airlines are notorious for trying to get an extra buck out of you – so save yourself the hassle and always check your bag meets the size requirements.

2) Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer

It will surprise you to find out how little airplanes are cleaned. So even pre-pandemic it would have been wise to carry some wipes to hand. Before I get comfy in my seat I tend to wipe down all the surfaces around me including the seat. Hand sanitizer is also just a super handy must especially as you can’t always wash your hands as frequently as I would like to on a flight.

3) Hand creme

Flights are surprisingly dehydrating. The air at a couple of thousand feet plus air conditioning can dry out your skin. So I find it always hand to hand a small tub of your favorite lotion with you to keep your skin supple and moist.

4) Lip Balm

This item is for the same reasons as having hand creme above. Any environment that will dry out your skins will also wreak havoc on those peckers. My favorites include a pawpaw balm or cocoa butter-based balms as I found they lock moisture much better than a petroleum base.

5) Socks

I always find airplanes cold so for me having an extra pair of socks is always a must to provide a little extra warmth and comfort. Plus if you have circulation problems a good pair of socks is a great help.

6) Menstrual care

This is one of my menstruating friends out whilst most aircraft will have spare pads onboard in the toilet. There is nothing worse than being caught out so always have you chosen menstrual products. For longer flights, I also often bring spare underwear as well just to add a little freshness.

7) Gum

I often get quite a painful ear popping on flights and if you do too you will know it’s the worse. So I always have handy some gum to help pop those ears throughout the flight. Plus they’re great for freshening up that breath too.

8) Portable charger

Having a reliable portable charger is so important if you’re like me and need a constant source of electronic entertainment. Having one gives me the insurances that none of my devices will die out on me.

9) Reusable water bottle

Getting back to the eve important topic of hydration. Your re must top up on h20 when traveling. It helps offset a lot of those adverse effects of travel sickness and or jet lag. Whilst you will often get as much water as you like on request when you are on the plane. Airport prices can be high and you will often find most airports will have plenty of free water stations.

10) Earplugs

Similar to the gum I found earplugs designed to reduce painful earache drying flights have been a lifeline. They have helped reduce my pain a lot on flights plus also great at canceling noise allowing me to get some sleep on a flight.

11) Headphones

Now I’m a big fan of inflight entertainment but have found the given headphone to leak a lot of sounds and never be quite loud enough. So having my own is a must so I can enjoy the entertainment in style. For those you who have wireless devices you can find inexpensive adapters that will work all inflight systems.

12) Pillow and eye mask

Like many of you, I find traveling quite exhausting. So being able to have a nap is quite important to me. Having my pillow to provide proper neck support and being able to block out like help with this.

So did find any of these tips useful? What are your essential carry-on items? Let me know in the comments below?

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