It’s scary out there… The unnerving truth about adventures

So here’s my confession dear internet. I stand before you a people-pleasing perfectionist. I am insecure and compare myself and my life daily to anything and everything I see. I’m a tad bit dramatic at times and am an expert at being my own worst bully.

Now if you were speaking to Elizabeth from last year and told her to make that above confession she would have no doubt said to hell no. She would be far too scared to come across this vulnerable and honest to anyone let alone strangers. And yet here I am talking about myself in the third person. But the Elizabeth of today maybe all those things but she certainly is fearless.

And trust me I get it fearless is such a cliche overplayed word but for today it speaks to my truth. You see I used to think being fearless meant living life with no fears, no anxieties, no regrets, etc etc. But this is such a limiting way of viewing life.

I am fearless not because I don’t have any phobias. I do (hello needles) Or because I still close my eyes at any medium level violence on a tv screen. But because I chose to live my life in the most authentic way I can every day.

I honor my feelings and thoughts when and however I feel them. Some days that means crying myself to sleep and others days it’s just mindless scrolling through Instagram. And over the last year, I’ve realized that’s all okay. You see I was obsessed with the mindset that my life had to follow a very strict odd order of occupancy. As well as, a very precise timeline or all would be lost. Over the last year or so I’m slowly unlearning that behavior and learning to take life for what its the highs and the lows and the in-between.

Nothing more has challenged that like my recent move to live in Bermuda. So when I found myself reflecting on my home so far on the island. I realized I was once again being my own worst bully. Immigrating to a new country is no sprint but a marathon and there’s is no one here to judge me on how well I’m making of it. I’ve fallen in a drain pipe. Forgot my pin whilst checking groceries out, broken out in rashes, and saw enough cockroaches to last me a lifetime. But for every unnerving occurrence there is something that makes it all worthwhile. As for me, it’s seeing the growth I make every day in facing whatever comes my way and enjoying the privilege of island living with my best friend and life partner.

So to anyone out there who may be across to take that leap. Especially if concerning travel which is truly the most beautiful life experience that you can do. From one big scardey cat to another go and leap in faith and with the knowledge that you are as fearless and you want to be.

6 thoughts on “It’s scary out there… The unnerving truth about adventures

  1. Good for you and thanks for the inspiring post! When we left everyone we knew and made a similar leap, we moved to Hawaii. Island living has an extraordinary amount to teach us, wishing you the best with your new adventure!

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